Little Guide Series
of Effective Management

Books and Presentations

In addition to being a gifted author, Dr. Heidkamp is also an engaging and inspiring presenter. Drawing on her decades of experience as a top-level executive for nonprofits with life-impacting missions as well as her experience as a coach, Mary provides practical, down-to-earth insights that executives can use right away!

Sample Topics

As a keynote speaker and a leader of seminars and workshops, Mary Heidkamp can address a wide range of topics, tailoring each one to the specific needs of her audience. Some of her favorite topics include:
  • Passionate Leadership for Inspired Action
  • Non-profit Governance
  • Foolproof Steps to Business Success
  • How to Create Intensity to Fuel your Goals
  • Staying Well while Doing Good: Freedom from Overwhelming Burnout
  • Dreams, Goals, Action
  • Facing Change with Grit and Grace
  • Five Steps for facing Challenge and Adversity
  • Four Practical Tools to get through the day: No Matter What!
  • Overcoming a Difficult and Public Failure
  • Keep a Rising Star: How to Retain Your Best People
  • Coach Your Team to Success
  • More Effective Leadership through Strategic Use of Assessments
  • How to Manage Your In-Box and Free Up Creativity

can be provided in 45 minute lunch and learn format to 1-1/2hr interactive sessions.  All presentations can be virtual or in person as suits your needs.

Workshops can be  half day, full day or multi-day  format to meet your specific needs.  All sessions are highly engaging and interactive.

In either case, Mary will customize her presentation to the mission, values and strategic objectives of your company, agency or department.

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